Alessandro Volta, mammoths and lemons

Alessandro Volta is homaged today (day of his 270th anniversary) by Google with an animated doodle representing one of his best known works, the electric battery. This invention was the grand-grand-gran-father of modern batteries in some kind of way.
Google's homage to Alessandro Volta

This doodle reminded me about a computer game that I used to play when I was a child. It was based upon the book. “The way things work” by David Macaulay and basically was a digital and interactive edition of the book.

One of the things that I enjoyed most were the animation videos were a lot of inventions and scientific principles were explained with funny tales about mammoths. My favourite of these tales was about Volta’s electric cell so when I saw Google’s doodle this morning I rushed to YouTube to find the video and watch it one more. You can watch the clip below, at minute 5:33.

Indeed all the clips are pretty amusing so, if you haven’t already seen them, I suggest that you watch the full video 😉