Good News!

Hello everybody!

Today I have two good news to announce. The first one is that this website is finally open. The site has been on-line for almost two months but I was performing some creation work. Now I remove the “Site under maintenance message” and publish this first post. There may still be some minor changes, but they shouldn’t affect to the functionality.

This site is created with the idea of publishing stuff related to my career (Click here to see my bio) so you’ll find articles and publications in the “static” part of the web page, but you will also find engineering-related posts in this blog. The topics will be very diverse and they will range from coding tips to technology news or mathematical paradoxes (just to list some).

The second good new is that some months ago I presented an abstract to the CMN2015 (Congress on Numerical Methods of the Engineering) and yesterday I received an e-mail informing me that the abstract had been accepted! I am very excited about this since it’s my first congress up to now.