An RC hobbyist called Oliver C has modded a RC quadcopter into a functional Millenium Falcon replica. To construct the hull he used expanded polystyrene which, in the spite of been heavier than the classical expanded polypropylene, is also much stronger.

Quadcopter replica of the Millenium Falcon by Oliver C

The extra weight reduces significantly the performance of the quadcopter. It can only reach the 35% of the speed than the bare quadcopter is capable of, and the battery time is reduced from 8 to 5 minutes. Anyway, the feeling of being at the controls of the legendary Millenium Falcon greatly compensates it.

Oliver has also created a big imgur album where he illustrates the whole creation project. From the design to the first test flights. I strongly recommend you to read it. Currently Oliver is working on his next project, a TIE Fighter.

And… what do you think about this quadcopter? Comments will be welcome!



Construction gallery: