A Compact Lenslet as an Alternative to Corrugated Horns for Astronomy Applications


In this work a new compact lenslet is proposed for the W-band, in the context of embedded mesh technology for engineering the dielectric involved in the manufacturing. This lenslet is designed to be fed directly by a circular waveguide and produces a Gaussian beam with sidelobes at -10dB/-15dB and cross-polarisation below -20dB, with the advantage of having a much shorter device than classical corrugated horns for astronomy applications. The concept of the lenslet is presented, and then the design process is explained and elucidated with a numerical example.

2018 48th European Microwave Conference (EuMC)
Lucas Polo-López
Lucas Polo-López
Research engineer

My research interests include computational electromagnetics, fully-metallic antenna arrays and additive manufacturing.