I have always felt fascinated about the space. It may be because when I was a child I was rased watching sci-fi movies and series (Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost in Space…).

The night sky has always atracted me with it’s stars, constellations, planets and satellites. Thinking about all these things moving around the universe gives me the feeling of how small I am, and I find this feeling pleasant since it gets me in touch with the nature.

Therefore space exploration, as I see it, is one of the biggest adventures of our era. All he people that have worked to make it possible deserve our respect since they have made possible the impossible: To get free from the limits of our planet, to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

If you (like me) find all this stuff fascinating I’m sure that you will love the NASA flickr gallery. It collects a huge amount of photographs from all the space programs. There you can find pictures of spacecraft and program logos, but also impressive astronomical phenomenons like nebulas or galaxies.

The NASA has done a really nice job collecting all this media and making it available to us, so you should definitely check it out. Even if you are not a space geek I am sure that you will enjoy it!


Source: NASA on The Commons