The e^x joke is probably one of the most classical geek jokes of the history. I remember my maths teacher at high school telling it to us when we were studying derivation. And a couple of years later, my calculus teacher at the school also told it to use. I guess that at that point of our lives we all knew it, but it’s always good fun hearing your teacher telling a joke at a lecture (funnier if it’s a geek joke).

Today I found a revisited version of the e^x joke, which is even funnier. But understanding it requires that you first know the classical version, so here it goes:

There was a great party in the maths world. All the functions were chatting, dancing and laughing. Suddenly, a malicious differential operator appeared at the party.

-Mwahahahaha, I’m d/dx. I’m going to derives you!

All the functions ran trying to flee the operator. All the functions except one.

-Who are you that dare to defy me?-asked d/dx.

-I am e^x.

And here goes the revisited version:

A scared x^2 function runs scared down the street. Suddenly she finds e^x.

-What’s the matter?-asks the exponential function.

-At the next street is a differential operator. If he derives me I will disappear!

-Don’t worry. I will stop him!

e^x walks towards the operator and says:

-It’s over! I’m e^x and I’m here to stop you!

And the operator replies:

-Hello e^x. I’m d/dt.


I wanted to post a link to the place where I read it, but I was just surfing the web and I don’t remember where i saw it.

I hope you enjoyed the new version of this classical joke… and that you help to spread it. You can also leave a comment giving your opinion by using the button that is at the upper-right corner of the post or by clicking the title and scrolling down. I am new to blogging and all the suggestions or ideas will be very helpful 😉