Isaac Asimov predicting today’s Internet in 1988

This morning I found a fascinating video that I wanted to share. It’s a fragment of a TV interview with Isaac Asimov at the 1988. In this video the writer talks about the implications that the computer networks would have in the future.

Asimov enthroned with symbols of his life's work.  From Wikimedia Commons.

Of course, at the time of the Interview the Internet had existed for several years, but it wasn’t as popular and easy to access that it’s nowadays.

Asimov forecasts that the network will be a resource as common as clean water (in some countries it will be easy and cheap to access while in others it will be expensive and hardly found). He also states that the network will provide the people with a way to study and learn about a wide range of topics. This big offer would change they way we think about education, because people could study any theme they choose and that would motivate them, making them more willing to learn.

Apparently Asimov’s predictions weren’t far from what indeed has happened. In the last years a lot of initiatives like Khan Academy, edX or Coursera (just to cite some) have seen the light. These sites offer tons of courses to choose from (lots of them with university level) making it easier for the people to learn about any topic they find interesting.

Indeed, I remember using Khan Academy videos as a complementary source of information when dealing with linear algebra and calculus at my first university year.