My first paper in IEEEXplore!

This summer I attended the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (ETMS 2016), that was held in Espoo at the Aalto University. There I presented my paper Analysis of waveguide discontinuities with lateral and transverse perfect magnetic wall boundary conditions, which includes very interesting results obtained during the research for my master thesis.

From Wikimedia Commons

Library of the Aalto University Otaniemi campus

The proceedings of the symposium are now available at IEEEXplore, so my paper is available at the repository. I am very happy since this is my first paper to be published at IEEEXplore.

If you want to read it, click here!

CMNE 2015 Day 1

CMNE 2015 Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of lectures.
We woke up and walked straight to the congress Venter to attend the first keynote session.

After the lecture we had the first coffee break. We made the most of the coffee break since we didn’t have had breakfast that morning.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the thematic sessions. We attended the ones about Derivative—Free methods since Ana was presenting later at the same room.

The first block lasted an hour and half, and after it we had lunch. In the following picture you can see a dish of «bacalhau a dourada»


Bacalhau a dourada

After lunch we returned to the same lecture room since Ana was presenting his paper about microwave filter design. That evening we had a second coffee break and we also attended some talks about inverse problems.

Then we went back to the hotel to take a short nap before heading to the congress reception at the Palácio Pimienta. The gardens of the palace were really nice, there was a porcelain zoo and there also were a lot of (alive) peacocks.


Porcelain seafood


White peacock stealing a snack from a congressman

At the diner time we went to the port area and we had some awesome fish (dourada grelhada) at a small restaurant.


Dourada grelhada

CMNE2015 Day 0

Hello everybody! This is a great week!

These days I’m attending the Congress on Numerical Methods of Engineering and I plan to write a chronicle about it in this blog.

Today we departed from Madrid and had a long ride until we arrived to Lisbon. When we finally arrived to the city we had to wait a lot before crossing the bridge over the Tajo river since there was a lot of traffic jam.

We then went to the Instituto Tecnico Superior to complete our registration in the congress and after that we finally arrived to our hotel rooms where we are resting before having dinner.

I’ll keep you updated!