My first stay

Today is a very important day in my PhD journey. This evening I have moved to Cardiff to do a stay at the School of Physics and Astronomy of Cardiff University.

I arrived in the late evening and after unpacking all my stuff I went to have dinner to a fish and chips restaurant. I had never had fish and chips before and I really enjoyed it.

Now let’s go to bed to get some rest. Tomorrow I’ll visit the city and try to buy a second hand bike to have a means of transportation.

Solar eclipse 2017

You probably are already tired of hearing about this in the news and social media, but just in case you missed or forgot it remember… Today is the solar eclipse!Anited gif of the eclipse trajectory. Provided by NASA.

If you are lucky enough to be in the United States today you have the opportunity to watch a full solar eclipse if you are in one of the fourteen states that the eclipse path is crossing. If you are in a different part of the United States you will still see a partial eclipse, which is still pretty cool. Notice that several countries at Central America and the northern part of South America will also experience a partial solar eclipse.

Please remember that looking to the sun is dangerous and can cause serious damage to your eyes. You mustn’t look at the eclipse directly. Here is a post by NASA explaining how to safely watch the eclipse.

Visibility of the solar eclipse in europe. Source: Wolfgang StricklingWolfgang Strickling, Wikimedia.

Visibility of the solar eclipse in Europe.

Those of us living in Europe will only be able to see the eclipse if we are in one of the north-western regions of the continent. As it can be seen in the picture, those to the right of the blue line will experience the sunset before the eclipse and therefore will be unable to see it.

Source of the images: NASA and Wikimedia.

The time that we are given

“If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”

Isaac Asimov


I find this quote very inspirational. Instead of worrying about the things that escape to our control we should just try to give the best of ourselves everyday, every moment. To make the world a better place for the ones that will come after we have left.

Awesome quote from an awesome man that left us an awesome legacy.

My first paper in IEEEXplore!

This summer I attended the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory (ETMS 2016), that was held in Espoo at the Aalto University. There I presented my paper Analysis of waveguide discontinuities with lateral and transverse perfect magnetic wall boundary conditions, which includes very interesting results obtained during the research for my master thesis.

From Wikimedia Commons

Library of the Aalto University Otaniemi campus

The proceedings of the symposium are now available at IEEEXplore, so my paper is available at the repository. I am very happy since this is my first paper to be published at IEEEXplore.

If you want to read it, click here!